Becoming a Sponsor

The South Dakota State Society is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization designed to provide a social and professional network for anyone who has lived, worked or studied in South Dakota and anyone who holds the state near and dear to their heart. We were formed in 1954 as an opportunity for native and adopted South Dakotans in the Washington area to share their common bond and the spirit of our great State. Although it had been inactive since 1982, the group was revived in 2008 and has become a beacon for South Dakotans living in Washington.

We have four cornerstone events each year and an inaugural ball every four years. We start with an annual members meeting in March, the Rushmore Rally in the spring/summer, a cruise down the Potomac River or similar event in the early fall, and finally a USD vs. SDSU football watch party/chislic feed.

The future success of the SDSS also depends on the continued support of dedicated sponsors.  By generating interest in events and increasing membership, we can achieve our goal of expanding the SDSS and sharing what our State has to offer with others.  We plan various events throughout the year like happy hours, picnics and service projects. SDSS reaches out to a multi-generational crowd to bring a bit of South Dakota to Washington D.C. Please see the table below for more details about the perks of becoming an SDSS sponsor.


Thanks for supporting the South Dakota State Society!

Sponsorship Levels

Rushmore $2,000

Ellsworth: $1,000

Pheasant $500.00